#goals- inspiration & my bedroom design scheme

Welcome back to Design329!

Redecorating a bedroom may take quite a while to give it those unique touches and personal flair. Before doing any actual work for my room- no room layout, purchases or DIYs- I’ve been exploring Pinterest and my favorite design blogs for inspiration. As usual when I redecorate my room, I’ve spent an excessive amount of time choosing a color scheme and general vibe to refer back to and keep me on track throughout the makeover process (and to generally avoid buyer’s remorse).

These are a few of my favorite bedroom inspiration finds from Pinterest!

Room One/ Room 2/ Room 3

Overall, I want my bedroom to be a calm and creative space perfect for anything from hanging out and watching Netflix, to getting school work done. My color scheme is a combination of bright and pastel tones in three of my favorite colors at the moment. Coincidently, these colors fall within one of Pantone’s nine home palettes for 2017, ‘Day Dreaming’. The blush tones within my pop of pink section are the continuations of 2016’s “Rose Quarts” trend. The other trend from last year, “Serendipity”, is staying relevant too, seen below in periwinkle and powder blue!

blog post 2 attempt 3.png

Aqua Accents: Arrow wall decor (Etsy)/ Desk (Bed Bath & Beyond*)/ Blanket (Bed Bath & Beyond*)/ Storage Chest (Bed Bath & Beyond*)/ Pops of PinkTapestry (Urban Outfitters)/ Rolling Cart Storage (Bed Bath & Beyond*)/ Record Player (Urban Outfitters)/ Bedding (Urban Outfitters)/ Periwinkle & Powder BluePillow (Bed Bath and Beyond*) / Pineapple Tapestry (Bed Bath & Beyond*)/ Curtains (Bed Bath & Beyond)/ Rug (Bed Bath & Beyond*) pink here. *out of stock

Sticking with Pantone, 2017 has officially been dubbed the year of “greenery”, and I hope to celebrate this trend with succulents on my windowsill and a floor plant by the door! As you’ll see in my pictures below, these will only accentuate the earthy vibe that will pull everything together.


Babe Cave Sign (The Social Life )/ Throw Blanket (Urban Outfitter)/ Pineapple Print (Urban Outfitters)/ Cactus (junk gypsy co.)/ Candles (Urban Outfitters)/ Moon (Urban Outfitters)/ Pillow (Etsy)

I also hope to have wicker or woven baskets and some wooden accents to bring in the slight bohemian edge that will break up the feminine color palette. Of course the wish list goes on and on after that. I can’t wait to see how everything actually turns out! (#expectationvsreality) Stay tuned for next post where I’ll put the starting touches on my room!

Best Wishes,

Alyssa Danielle


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