Room Layout & Wall One Decor

Welcome back to Design329!

To show everyone what space I’ll be working with as I go through the process of redoing my bedroom, I’ve drawn up a room layout. It includes the overall 11′ x 12′ room as well as the doors and furniture to scale. I also created the layout for the first wall which is where the closet and bathroom doors are and where I’ve chosen to put my desk.

Room Layout

Feng Shui Tips- small, college bedrooms:
  • Vertical Space– utilize a slanted roof or wall height by placing wall decor higher up
  • Bright Space– try to keep windows unblocked to open up the room and let in the most natural light possible
  • Study Space– face the desk away from the TV to avoid distraction or temptation while studying
  • Less Trapped Space– consider having the bed pushed against two walls as a Daybed to literally create more space in the center of the room (I’ll be putting up a tapestry and tackling a DIY canopy with fairy lights to accompany the Daybed look soon)

Wall One

In a separate post in the future, I will show how I set up my desk for my daily routine and studying, but for now I have my wall layout!

The goal in arranging this section was to create a practical study area with a hint of fun and creativity. I also wanted to keep the costs as low as possible, so I used sequined letter garland I already had then added the lamp and wall decor all from Wal-Mart (each about $5-$10).

For starters, the pink lamp functions as a floor lamp providing light for the whole room and as a desk lamp that doesn’t take up work space. Next, I centered the calendar which is most important for my scatterbrained self, and placed two bulletin board tiles on the right for fun pictures, save-the-dates, sticky notes, and the such. Lastly, I added the dry erase board to the left for reminders and lists.

My sequin “xoxo” garland was a past DIY project inspired by Laura Gummerman’s post ‘Sequin Letter Garland DIY’ . Check it out for some wonderful instructions or wing it and add some personal flare!


Next on 329, I’ll be gushing over one of my favorite bloggers so stay tuned!

Best wishes, Alyssa Danielle

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