#WCW- Kate of Lonestar Southern

Welcome back to Design329!

If you remember from my very first post, this blog was started for my ‘Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media’ class at Texas State University. During this process I discovered that one of my favorite bloggers, who I’ve been following for a couple years now, started out because of a similar project.

Right up the road in Austin, at the University of Texas, Kate Padgitt started her “little piece of the internet” as she calls it, for her ‘Writing for Public Relations’ class. Lonestar Southern is predominantly a fashion blog, and while it only contains a few posts on interiors, the entirety of Kate’s style- southern and colorful- is one of my greatest inspirations.


I first learned of Lonestar Southern on Instagram where it was suggested to me based off other fashion and lifestyle accounts I already followed. I was immediately drawn to her preppy style and weekly ‘latest and greatest’ posts in which she features on-trend pieces that she’s loving and that are available to buy at the time.

Her website is clean and fresh with a light and airy theme that includes pops of bright colors here and there. Although it’s only a minor detail, one of my favorite style choices is her use of a cursive handwritten-like font as an accent throughout the blog and for the name of the site. This combined with her personal and relatable voice in her writing makes Lonestar Southern the bubbly, fun inspiration that I find it to be.

See more of Kate’s Style!




Best Wishes, Alyssa Danielle 


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