#FBF My Sophomore Bedroom!

Welcome back to Design329!

While I wait for online purchases to ship, I thought I’d share one of my past bedroom schemes for Flashback Friday- Enjoy!


This was my bedroom set up upon entering my sophomore year of college when I moved in to my first apartment. I spent only a small portion of the day there, but nonetheless, I wanted a space to come home to that had a cheery, summery vibe.

I didn’t have my heart set on a color scheme when I started shopping for this set up, but had been loving nautical styles. My focus at the time was on the bedding because I knew I wasn’t going to do much with the walls and didn’t have much surface area for decor around the room.

Since the bed needed to draw the most attention, I wanted something bright and colorful. After what was actually months of searching during the summer before sophomore year, I landed on a Betsey Johnson comforter with a hot pink floral pattern over an aqua background.

{SMALL SPACE TIP: Keep it cheap and simple by giving things more than one purpose like displaying jewelry and nail polish as decorations or doubling dresser drawers as a TV stand}

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Color Scheme:

color scheme

DIY suggestions for this look:

Pushpin Ampersand


  • pencil
  • 4 packs of gold push pins
  • canvas

For this, I simply free-handed the outline of the ampersand with pencil using a picture on my phone as a guide. I added the pushpins to the outline first, then filled the whole thing in. I kept having to go back to the store for pushpins because this project took way more than I originally thought! Like almost all my other DIY projects, I got the idea for the pushpin art from a blog I found through Pinterest.

{Change it up, by doing some other number, letter, or symbol; painting the background; or using multiple colors of pushpins}

Sequin Letter Garland


  • cardboard
  • twine
  • sequin ‘ribbon’
  • scissors
  • pen/pencil/ marker
  • ruler
  • anything circular to trace the O’s

I started this one by using a ruler to draw an ‘X’ onto an old cardboard box I had laying around. Next, I used the top of an oatmeal tin lid to trace the outer edge of the ‘O’ and a smaller lid to trace the inner circle. I cut these out and used them as stencils for the rest of the X’s and O’s.

I measured out the amount of sequin ribbon I would need, and cut it into the right size strips. I used hot glue to fix the sequin ribbon to the cardboard, and let it sit over night. I then stapled the twine to the back of the cardboard letters so the string could move underneath the staple making the letter spacing adjustable- and voila! Inspiration for this, came from the blog ‘A Beautiful Mess’– check it out!


Best wishes, Alyssa Danielle


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